Our Story

At Adamas Bespoke Jewellery our customers are at the heart of our creations. We work directly with each and every customer to understand what they want for themselves or their loved ones. We have worked with customers who have family heirloom jewellery and would like to re-create it into something modern but keep the heritage of their pieces, in these instances we work on designing something for them, we offer a personalised service – this is why our customers keep coming back.

When someone wants something exclusive for a special occasion we work with the customer to find out their needs, we work on understanding who it is for and what would make this piece extra special for them and create something unique, bespoke and exclusively for them for their loved one and to mark moments in their lives that will live forever.

Joyce Doyle


Joyce has worked in the jewellery business for 25 years. Firstly as accounts manager within a jewellery manufacturing company in Ireland. Joyce gained a lot of experience and believes what Adamas offer as a company is something that people do not get today when buying jewellery, a personalised experience which allows us to create exactly what they want.

Joyce loves nothing more than seeing her customers reaction when delivering a new bespoke piece of jewellery. Customers coming to meet with us in relaxed atmosphere and been able to discuss their ideas and for us to bring them to life is an amazing task.

Jewellery Workshop