Unique, Elegant & Sentimental

Most jewellery make good candidates for renovations. Some pieces lend themselves to being altered in their original form, others can be dissembled into their component parts to create new pieces. Gemstone jewellery, coins and tokens, gold jewellery, earrings, inherited diamonds, and pearls are all versatile materials and can be recycled. We have worked with customers who have family heirloom jewellery and would like to re-create it into something modern but keep the heritage of their pieces, in these instances we work with you on designing a piece through our personalised service.

CAD Ring Drawing

Bespoke Jewellery

Would you like to design your own bespoke engagement ring or piece of jewellery? It’s a very special and personal moment to design something with great sentiment that is made to last a lifetime.

Family Heirloom

Beautiful, bespoke pieces that can be passed through the generations. Work with our in-house designer and master jeweller to create a style that matches your dreams and meets your budget.

Engagement/Wedding Ring Upgrade

Commemorate a milestone anniversary by redesigning your original wedding rings to better suit your current design sense and lifestyle.

Our Process

At initial consultation, we discuss your design ideas or examine your old jewellery. If you have your old jewellery we would usually take some pictures so we can create a before and after at the end of your journey. Some people know exactly what they want and some need some guidance, we can have some samples, images and styles to show you. As soon as we have all the details we need we can get working on a quote.